Hope H. Swenson Visionary Award

Hope H. Swenson (1937-2010) lived in Ridgefield for nearly 40 years and was closely associated with the town's Library for all of that time. Her passion was evidenced in her work on the Library Board for more than 35 years, her enthusiastic participation in library events and her knowledge of and support for the staff.  She was elected a Board Member Emerita and in 2009 was awarded the Paccadolmi Award for Leadership.  Hope was a long-time generous donor to the Ridgefield Library, making possible many of the services for which the Library has become known.  At her passing in 2010, she envisioned a wonderful new library for her beloved Town of Ridgefield and was truly the cornerstone on which this new Ridgefield Library was built.  This award honors those, like Hope, who embody the vision and mission of the Ridgefield Library.

Contact: Chris Nolan, Library Director, 203-438-6960  cbnolan@ridgefieldlibrary.org


Award Winners

2016      Philip and Christine Lodewick
               Award given out on April 9th at the annual Great Expectations gala.

2015      Anita and Nick Donofrio
               Award given out on April 25th at the annual Great Expectations event.

               Click here to see a photo album of the event.

2014      Nancy and Larry Bossidy