Phyllis Paccadolmi Awards

Phyllis Paccadolmi (192?-2006) devoted over 50 years of her long life to the Ridgefield Library, joining its small staff straight out of high school in 1946 and retiring in 1999 after having served in every capacity from page to director. For generations of Ridgefielders, “Miss P” personified the Ridgefield Library and is remembered fondly for her warmth, helpfulness and encyclopedic knowledge of the town and its people. This award honors those whose commitment to the Library exemplifies her spirit and dedication.

Contact: Brenda J. McKinley, Library Director, 203-438-6960


2017 Award Winners

The 2017 Paccadolmi Awards were given out on Sunday, December 3rd during a special holiday gathering of Library supporters and friends. Congratulations to the recipients, and thanks for all they have done for the Library!

Lisbeth Kelly

Liz is a valued member of our Board of Directors alumni. She served two terms from 2009-2015, during which time she served as Vice Chair of the Board and Chair of both the Finance and Governance Committees. With her official terms completed, she has continued to support our Library, and our Board, lending her significant skills to our ongoing work. Two years ago, Liz eagerly took on the role of Search Committee Co-Chair. Leading our nationwide search for a new Library Director was a significant undertaking, which Liz led with great care and professionalism - and success as it led us to Brenda McKinley. Still willing to contribute, she once again answered our call and has joined our Strategic Planning Committee which is currently developing long-range goals and priorities for the Library. Liz continues to go above and beyond the call of duty and we are very grateful for her contributions to these critical initiatives.


The Homebound Delivery Team:
Andrea Heap, Julia Bruce, Hannah Barber, Michele Brooks, Melissa Brady, Lynn Dinisi, Valerie Cosgrove & Tori Dinkel

 In 2008, the Library started a service to bring library materials to those who are housebound due to long-term or short-term illness or disability.  This group of dedicated volunteers have made it possible to provide and maintain this important service.  They offer their time to bring books, movies, and audiobooks to match the interests and needs of those who are unable to visit the library and in so doing provide an outlet to the outside world and a friendly face. The Library would be unable to offer this invaluable  community service without them.

Left to right: Valerie Cosgrove, Lynn Dinisi, Tori Dinkel, Michele Brooks, Julia Bruce and Andrea Heap.
Not pictured: Hannah Barber and Melissa Brady

Past Years' Recipients:

Ellen Burns and Darwin Ellis, Books on the Common
Theresa Miller and Julie Yaun

Carroll W. Brewster
Kimberly Sauter

Philip and Christine Lodewick
The Friends of the Ridgefield Library

Barbara Dobbin and Patricia Tenney
The McGerald Family (Evan, Katherine, Kasey, Ethan & Riley)

Lori Dowling
Marcia Simha

N.M. Donofrio
Liz Montanari

Peter T. Coffin
Dr. Heidi B. Hammel

Hope H. Swenson
Melissa Brady

Dr. Theodore Safford, Jr.
Nicole & Daniel Gutter

Morton S. Bailey, III
Gretchen Bishop





Nicole and Daniel Gutter, recipients of the 2008 Paccadolmi Award for volunteerism