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The Ridgefield Library is operated by the Ridgefield Library Association, a 501(c) (3) non-profit organization governed by a Board of Directors dedicated to ensuring excellent library service to the community. The Board’s major responsibilities are to set policies and directions for the Library; manage its financial and intellectual health; and provide oversight to the administration of the Library.

Contact: Marc N. Colamaria, Board Chair, 914-287-6054,

From the Board Chair

We are proud to have opened the new Ridgefield Library in May 2014, a major project that was the result of years of work and the generosity of many town residents.  The new building has brought important new opportunities.  In the first year of operation we have seen an enormous growth in technology programs, the thriving of the Teen Center, an expansion of services that now include US passport applications and renewals, the tremendous use of the seven study rooms and much more.  The new technology programs, The Big Read featuring The Great Gatsby and Comic Con are just a few of the things that have allowed for intergenerational enjoyment.

The Ridgefield Library Board is committed to maintaining and growing our tradition of excellence.  We couldn't offer the wide range of programs and services along with our customer-oriented staff without the additional support we get from our donors such as you on an annual basis.  Our donors are our partners in ensuring that the town of Ridgefield has a library of which to be proud.  Thank you so very much.

The Board has several priorities for this year.  One of the current initiatives is continuing to strengthen our financial base through exploring possibilities for sources of earned revenue and increasing the percentage of households in town who contribute to the Library.  Another is to revise our website.  Your comments and questions are always welcomed. Please feel free to contact me as Board chair or our Library Director Chris Nolan ( at any time.

Marc N. Colamaria, Board Chair


Ridgefield Library Board of Directors

Marc N. Colamaria , Chair
Dean Miller, Vice Chair
Gary Rapp, Treasurer
Robert G. Whitton, Secretary

Amanda Bergen
Michele Booth
Matthew J. Byrnes
Robert A. Ellis
Magda Fincham

Carroll W. Brewster, Emeritus
Peter T. Coffin. Emeritus
Barbara Dobbin, Emerita
Sally A. Savoia, Emerita

Tom Gerhard
William B. Harford, Jr.
George Nichols
Mary Mann Smith
David Yaun


Ridgefield Library Advisory Board

Guy Bocchino
Susan Cocco
Melissa Buckwalter
Anita Daubenspeck
Nicholas M. Donofrio
Lori Dowling
Lynn Holley
Lawrence W. Hoyt, Jr.
Donald C. Jones
Aline Lawrence
Robert Leavitt

Joyce C. Ligi
Sue Manning
Thomas R. Mantz
Liz Montanari
Cloris Pearson
Catherine M. Randolph
Susan Rich
Frank A. Rowella, Jr.
Rudy Ruggles
Carol Stoddard
Patricia F. Tenney
Emeline L. Wittman

Absent from photo: Amanda Bergen,
Matt Byrnes, Bob Whitton

The Library Board meets
on the 4th Monday of most months at 7:30 PM in the
Library's Dayton Program Room.

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Library Board meetings are open to the public; anyone requiring special accommodation due to disability is asked to contact the Library Director at 203-438-2282.

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