Fall Fourth Grade Fundraising Event

For the many years the Library has held a special fundraising event in the Fall geared toward
grade students. In the past this was the beloved Camp Snooze sleepover in the Library.
New for 2018 we are excited to present: Magic for Muggles! an after-hours magical experience.
Fourth graders will arrive as non-magical muggles to a transformed Library that combines the
best of British and American magic. After a night of activities, magical classes, and adventure,
they will leave ready to be "first years" at a school of wizardry.

Contact: Leslie V, Adminstrative Assistant at 203-438-2282 x11022 LMVuill@ridgefieldlibrary.org or Andy Forsyth, Assistant Director at 203-438-2282 x 11009 ALForsyth@ridgefieldlibrary.org

Magic For Muggles! A Fourth Grade Fundraising event
Friday, November 2, 2018
from 6:30 PM to 11:00 PM

Visit the Library for registration forms starting on Monday, October 1, 2018 and return completed forms along with $125 cash or check to the Administration Suite on the Upper Level of the Library.

Spots are limited and are accepted on a "first come, first served" basis.
Boys & girls are welcome on both nights. Please call 203-438-2282 ext. 11022 for more information!

Frequently Asked Questions

How is it possible for our non-magical children to be allowed to learn magic?
In an unprecedented move, both the Magical Congress of the United States and the Ministry of Magic have agreed to offer an evening of magic to a select group of Muggles. Because of their proximity to magical ley lines, these two magical governments chose Ridgefield, CT as the location of this never-before-suggested interaction between Muggles and wizards. Because these students have yet to reach the requisite age of 11 years old to attend a School of Witchcraft & Wizardry, fourth graders have been deemed as the perfect age to be introduced to magic before any acceptance letters would find their way to Wizarding homes.

What will my children be learning?
Experts from a variety of magical fiels are coming together to teach these lucky muggle children! Astronomy with the StarLab Planetarium, Care of Magical Creatures with Centaur Shay, Basics for Beginning Potion Brewers with JJ Pippins Potions, Chef House Elves will impart their knowledge of magical cuisine, Wizarding Broom Coaches, a trip to Diagon Alley for supplies and other magic!

How much does the event cost?
The cost is $125 and as a fundraiser for the Library’s Operating Budget, your payment is a donation and is tax deductible.

Can I get a tax-deductible receipt for my donation?
Yes, absolutely, a donation letter indicating value of donation is sent to all parents after the event is over. 

How many children can attend each night?
There is a limited number of 48 children per night.

Can I register online?
Unfortunately, the only way to register right now is in-person at the Library. Forms are available at all the Circulation desks.

Can I pay by credit card?
Unfortunately, only cash or checks made out to the Ridgefield Library will be accepted and must be delivered in person. The Circulation desk is available to accept registrations on Saturdays and Sundays only.

Will my fourth grader be getting something to eat that evening?
There will be a snack served later in the evening, so your fourth grader should eat dinner before arriving.

What if my child has food allergies or dietary restrictions?
Please inform the Library of any of these restrictions or allergies on the registration form. Parents may also opt to send an epi-pen to the event. Please place in a plastic Ziploc bag with the child’s name on it. 

What food is being served?
The children will be making their own snacks. There will be different options, but you please let us know on the registration form if your child has specific dietary restrictions.

Can my child wear their Hogwarts attire and bring a wand?
Your fourth grader must come in “Muggle” attire. These non-magical fourth grades will be outfitted with all of their wizarding needs at the event.

Can the child bring cell phones and electronic devices?
All electronic devices, cell phones and other Harry Potter merchandise must be left at home.

Can my child be with their friends during the evening?
The children are sorted at the beginning of the evening randomly and will interact with the other groups during the course of the night.

What are the activities for the night?
Anything that happens at Hogwarts may happen at this event. But it will be magical!
(It’s meant to be a surprise for the Muggle attendees.)

What happens if I have to get in touch with someone at the Library during the course of the evening?
The after-hours contact information will be provided to you after registering for the event.

What time is the event over?
Pickup is promptly at 11 PM.

What happens if my child is sick that night and can’t make it?
Contact us as early as possible so we can accomodate any children on the waiting list. If we can fill your child's spot, your payment will be refunded.

With Special Thanks to our Sponsors!

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