Ridgefield Library Tribute Gift Program

Tribute gifts may be designated for use where needed most or, for a donation of $35 or more, a book or other item for the collection will be purchased and personalized with a bookplate listing the donor and honoree. The Library will make every effort to choose items in a format or subject area of your preference, subject to our Materials Selection Policy. You will receive a tax acknowledgement, and your honoree or the family of the memorialized individual will be sent a card notifying them of your thoughtfulness.

Print a Tribute Gift form and send it in with your check.

Give online with MasterCard, Visa, American Express or Discover at the Library’s secure donation site.

Contact: Laureen Bubniak, Director of Development, 203-438-2282 x11029 lmbubniak@ridgefieldlibrary.org

Celebrate a birthday, holiday, anniversary or other special occasion

Even youngsters like 7-year-old Alexander can make a difference to the Library they love. For his birthday, he sent out party invitations that asked for a library donation in lieu of a gift. Eight families brought tax-deductible checks, and Alexander proudly came into the Library to make a presentation. A great reader of Star Wars stories and books about rocks and minerals, Alexander can now happily point to the bookplates identifying several new purchases in these areas as “his” books.

Honor a loved one, a special teacher or a co-worker

“Tired of getting Birthday and Christmas gifts that you don’t need and don’t want? Do your children and friends find it hard to send you the “perfect” present? Well ... do what I do. Convince them that if they all gave a donation to the Library in your honor it would delight you and give a meaningful gift to the Ridgefield community!” - Hope H. Swenson

Remember a friend or relative who has passed away with a gift that benefits the entire community

“As an author, I treasure my library. I can think of nothing that gives anyone more pleasure than reading a book. And I could think of no better honor for my loved ones than to give a memorial to the Library in their names. My mother who lived with me here in Ridgefield, and who single-handedly read pretty much all of the library’s cozy mysteries; my aunt who loved to bake cookies; my cousin who was a community organizer in Brooklyn; my brother who was a librarian in New Jersey. A memorial to the Library, geared to the things they loved, for me, lives beyond the gift itself because it benefits and gives pleasure to so many others. And it’s something I know they would have loved, which continues to be a great comfort to me.” - Thea Devine

Recent Tribute Gifts Received:

In Memory of

In Honor of


Aline Lawrence
Ulrike and Volker Arendt
Stephanie Brand and Mark Elder
Jeanne Cook
Paul and Ocella Covill
Karen Dalessia
Paul Dicicco
Jocelyn Fainer
Sidney and Doris Fenig
Murray and Roberta Fineman
Vadim and Ann Fischer
Friends of the Ridgefield Library
Elaine Hamburg
Adele Holman
Harry Joseph
Mary Kaletta
David and Frieda Lawrence
Ronnie Leavitt
Chris Nolan
Adrienne Orlan
David Kelley
Sid and Jill Kelley
Sylvia Schechter
Walter and Sabine Slavin
Clark and Hilary Stillman
Richaed and Alison Whelan
Thomas and Adelaide Williams

Andrea Barylak Lyons
Josh Burns and Joanna Combs
The Castelluccio Family
Anne Champeaux
Regan Ebert
Eric and Erica Fuller
Zach Harris
Henry and Barbara Katz
Juliana Lean
Mr. and Mrs. Dudley Lyons
The Mangelsdorf Family
The Manitowoc Book Club
Warren and Tina Marinaccio
Tom and Karen McIlrath
Sally and J. Schriner
The Terp Family
Bob Wilbur




Cheryl and Chris Crowl
Rhonda Hill

Katherine and Luke Daigle
Tizzie Mantione

Gerry Fassbender
Jennifer D'Andraia

Chris Nolan
Click here to see the many tribute messages
received in honor of Chris Nolan on her retirement.














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Anabel Cordano donates to library

PDFPrint a Tribute Gift form and send it in with your check

Give online with MasterCard, Visa, American Express or Discover at the Library’s secure donation site.

Invite your friends and relatives to make a Tribute Gift in lieu of gifts or flowers with an e-invitation. Contact Director of Development Laureen Bubniak for details.

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