Strategic Planning 2013

At its April 29, 2013 meeting, the Ridgefield Library Board of Directors adopted updated Vision,
Mission and Values statements, along with a strategic framework (objectives and goals)
for additional planning. You may see the results of this work below or click here for a printable version. 

Contact: Chris Nolan, Library Director, 203-438- 6960

A Letter from the Library Board Chair

The process of gathering town support for building the New Ridgefield Library, opening in 2014, sparked a healthy debate about the relative worth of the Library, and about the future of libraries in general. At numerous public forums, on the sidelines, and in social gatherings we talked about the future of books, the social value of gathering to learn together, and how different citizens find value and solace in their local library.

When the people of Ridgefield voted to support the expansion through a $5 million referendum, we could not have been more grateful, or more proud of our town. At the same time, we learned from the experience of having thought deeply together about the Library that this was an opportunity to look again at who we are and how we serve the town of Ridgefield as we move forward. The town has helped us to build a new building, and we are
committed to making the institution which lives inside it responsive, efficient, and vital. Thus began our Strategic Planning process.

Since then over 600 community members participated in creating this new Strategic Plan. We conducted a town-wide survey, hosted numerous focus groups, researched best practices, and engaged board members and citizens in a thoughtful, thorough examination of our mission, vision, values, services and systems.

What we learned from the process of raising funds, going to referendum, and engaging in this planning process is that despite some beliefs to the contrary, Ridgefield needs a library now more than ever, one that is bold, responsive, and committed to the spirit of learning and discovery that have shaped libraries since their inception. With this new Strategic Plan and a beautiful new home, we can assure you that the Ridgefield Library will continue to be “the place where people go to read, discover, question, connect, and thrive.”

With best wishes,



Peter Coffin
Chair, Ridgefield Library Board of Directors



To be the centerpiece of Ridgefield, an essential partner and destination of choice for our community:  the place where people go to read, discover, question, connect and thrive.


The Ridgefield Library is an intellectual and cultural gathering place, adapting to the changing needs of our community in an evolving world.

We commit to encouraging creativity, enrichment and lifelong learning, through:

  • Expert and supportive staff
  • Diverse and relevant programming
  • Emerging and tested technologies
  • Collections available in myriad formats


The Ridgefield Library is guided by these principles:

  • To be a trusted community leader and partner, woven into the fabric of Ridgefield
  • To be a fully welcoming, accessible and inclusive resource for all segments of the town
  • To respect and value one another as staff, volunteers, visitors and patrons in all Library interactions


  • Anticipate and Respond to the Evolving Needs of the Community
  • Maximize Staff and Board Leadership Potential
  • Assure the Financial Stability of the Library


Strategic Planning Process

The Ridgefield Library Board of Directors is grateful to the following individuals and groups for their participation in creating the Ridgefield Library Strategic Plan, 2013-2016.

The Ridgefield Community, Focus Group and Survey Participants
Town-wide Survey ~ 487 respondents
Focus Groups ~ 127 participants
Staff workshop
Board of Directors input

Strategic Planning Committee
Cloris Pearson, Co-Chair
Rebecca Bryan, Development Consultant and Co-Chair
Matt Byrnes, Library Board Member
Lorraine Mellon, Library Board Member
Christina Nolan, Library Director
Mary Rindfleisch, Assistant Library Director
Bob Whitton, Library Board Member

Task Force Members {*Task Force Leader}

Diane Antezzo
Laurie McGavin Bachmann
Helene Berger
Nancy Brandon
Trish Breede
Rebecca Bryan*
Laureen Bubniak
Matthew Byrnes
Anthony Cacciola
Phyllis Campbell
Victoria Carlquist
Shane Casey
John Casiello
Rudy Chang*
Susan Cocco

Marc Colamaria
Geri Diorio*
Nick Donofrio
Rob Ellis
Mary Foyt
Trevor Gladwin
Alison Greeley
Woody Harford
Rhonda Hill
Lynn Holley*
Lisbeth Kelly
Leslie Lambton*
Kathy Leeds
Philip Lodewick
Robert McKean
Lorraine Mellon*
Dean Miller*
Cris Nichols
George Nichols
Christina Nolan
Dorothy Pawlowski*
Mary Rindfleisch
Marion Roth
Frank A. Rowella, Jr.
Sally Savoia
David Schaffer
Jonathan Seem
Mary Mann Smith
Leslie Vuilleumier*
Robert Whitton*