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Library Trends & Topics

Area libraries offer 3-D printing
Anna Quinn, Danbury News Times 3/20/17

Connecticut library programs grow as book-borrowing declines
Charlie Smart, 7/12/16

Adding classes and content, resurgent libraries turn a whisper into a roar
Winnie Hu, New York Times online 7/4/16

Do we really need libraries?
Linton Weeks on the npr history dept. blog 5/5/15

It's time to change our perceptions of libraries
by State Senator Tony Hwang
Danbury News Times 5/4/15

NY TimesTimes Are Tough, Libraries Are Thriving
The New York Times feature article 3/15/09


Ridgefield Library News

Ridgefield Library Names New Director
Press release 10/21/16

Nolan will retire as library director
Ridgefield Press 2/2/16

Legislature restores some funding for state library system
Hartford Courant online 5/4/15

Outsider art exhibition at Ridgefield Public Library
Norwalk Hour 4/22/15

State cuts could hit library
Ridgefield Press 4/16/15

YA Spaces of your Dreams: The Ellis Family Teen Center
by Teen Services Librarian Geri Diorio
VOYA Magazine April 2015

Computer science?  It's a girls' club
Ridgefield Press 2/22/15

Ridgefield Library program promotes technology to students

Danbury News-Times 2/15/15

Ridgefield (Conn) Library's Ongoing Series of Excellent STEM Programs
American Library Association Programming Librarian Blog 4/30/13

Paper cranes to bring message of healing
Danbury News-Times 12/31/12

Harnessing the Creative - a review of the recent Creativity Conference 4/30/12

Bring Creative Thinking to Your Business
Danbury News-Times 4/16/12

'Romance in Ridgefield' with Three Best-Selling Writers
Danbury News-Times 4/12/12

Bibliomation Upgrade Starts Friday
Danbury News-Times 4/5/12

Ridgefield Library set for demolition
Danbury News-Times 1/1/13

Library announces move date
Library news release 8/2/12

Library, theater plans move ahead
Danbury News-Times 6/20/12

Plans for old theater take shape
Danbury News-Times 4/18/12

Three-screen theater will be hearing Tuesday
Ridgefield Press 4/14/12

Ridgefield Voters Approve $20 Million Library Renovation with $5 Million from Town
Ridgefield Patch 3/14/12

Ridgefield voters OK new library
Danbury News-Times 3/14/12

Library grant passes at referendum
Ridgefield Press 3/13/12

Heidi Hammel and AstroGirls

"Thumbs Up" to Dr. Heidi Hammel and astro4girls
Danbury News-Times 3/5/12

Astronomer: Shoot for the stars
Danbury News-Times 3/5/12

Agencies honor Ridgefielders for saving energy
Ridgefield Press 2/28/12


Selectmen Say Yes To Early Referendum For $5 Million Library Contribution
Ridgefield Patch 2/9/12

Selectmen approve Schlumberger purchase, March 13 library referendum
Ridgefield Press 2/9/12

Ridgefield selectmen in holding pattern with new library
Danbury News-TImes 2/2/12

Ridgefield selectmen push library vote back one more week
Ridgefield Patch 2/2/12

Ridgefield Library: Town service or subsidized competition?
Ridgefield Patch 1/27/12

Library looking for Feb. referendum to renovate with private, public funds
Ridgefield Patch 1/19/12

Selectman OK $5 million for library, but not a referendum date
Ridgefield Press 1/19/12

Board disagrees on library vote timing
Danbury News-Times 1/19/12

Selectmen balk at February library referendum
Ridgefield Press 1/6/12

Ridgefield Library expansion vote stalled
Danbury News-Times 1/5/12

Library closing in on $15-million goal
Ridgefield Press online edition, December 17, 2011

Ridgefield Library nears $15 million goal
Danbury News-Times 12/1/11

Playhouse buildingLibrary sells old playhouse to Ridgefielder
Ridgefield Press online edition 10/11/11

Ridgefield Library sells old theater
Danbury News-Times 10/19/11

Valerie JensenBig plans for the "old Ridgefield Playhouse"
Ridgefield Press 3/21/11

Chris NolanRidgefielder of the Week: Christina Nolan
Ridgefield Patch 10/19/10


Fund gives Ridgefield Library $200,000 toward new building
Ridgefield Press 10/8/10



Library launches $20-million building campaign
Ridgefield Press 7/23/10

Ridgefield Library moves ahead on building plans
Danbury News-Times 7/19/10

Ridgefielder of the Week: Dorothy Pawlowski
Ridgefield Patch 7/19/10

Allison Stockel and Chris NolanPlayhouse and Library get NEA grant for 'Big Read'
Ridgefield Press 7/19/10

Page Turners: Visit settings near and far with Ridgefield's A.M. Book Group
Danbury News-Times 7/16/10

A Big Read for a Little Town
Ridgefield Patch 7/8/10

In wake of ad, fire officials say Ridgefield Library is 'safe'
Ridgefield Press 6/14/10


Scrabble winnersRidgefield Library’s Scrabble squads among top at nationals
Ridgefield Press 4/20/10

Ridgefield Library winter sceneRidgefield Library expansion plans may cost $20 million
Ridgefield Press 3/23/10

Ridgefield Plans for New Library
Danbury News-TImes 2/16/10

Library Updates Online Persona
Ridgefield Patch 2/2/10


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