RidgeCon 2018

Contact: Kristina Lareau 203-438-2282 x11030 | ridgecon@ridgefieldlibrary.org

Friday, August 17, 2018

7:30-10:30 pm

$50 includes cocktails, immersive game

experience, hors d’oeuvres and dessert catered by KaFo


Sold Out!

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Saturday, August 18, 2018

10:00 am- 4:00 pm
All-age, all-awesome,
free fandom fun!



There is something for everyone at every age:

Superhero Tea & Action-Adventure Storytime with Mike and Kristen Garguilo

Superhero Boot Camp including an inflatable obstacle course

Pokemon Open Play with Gamer's Gambit

Cosplay (Costume Play) Contest judged by Harley Nox Cosplay

Lightsaber Training with Ridgefield Kempo

Hair Braiding with WHIP Salon

Quidditch Practice

FX Make-up Demo by Emily LaFleur

Movie & TV Show Theme Song Quiz

Captain Underpants Craft

Superhero Scavenger Hunt

Hidden Mickeys

Tabletop Games

Retro (Pi) Video Games

Spiderman's Backpack Mini Escape

Musical Fan Mini Escape

Broom Building @Quality Quidditch Supplies

Candlewood Fencing Magic Moves, Wand Making and demos

Virtual Worlds Exploration in VR with Alex Gonzalez

Loot Llama Pinata Loot Drops

Super Photo Booth with Super Sonta

Winnie-the-Pooh Character Craft

Adopt-a-Bowtruckle Craft

How to Make a Dragon Craft

Costumed Characters and Photo Ops

Raffles: Custom wand and trip to see the Harry Potter Exhibit in NYC, Fortnite Loot Llama pack, handmade crocheted Infinity Gauntlet, Oculus Go VR Headset, Gift Cards...and more!





Blackout FAQs

So, I’ve seen this Blackout thing around. What is this about?

Blackout is a mega game that is part escape room, part mystery night, and part scavenger hunt that takes place over all floors of the Library with 36 players broken into teams of six.

So, it’s an Escape Room?

No...and yes. Blackout is a resource collection and management game that pulls aspects of escape and puzzles rooms. Unlike an escape room where all participants work together to solve an ultimate problem, Blackout forces players to work with a smaller team that then competes against the other teams to earn the most points.

What are the rules?

All the rules you need to know will be explained to you upon arrival.

That’s it?

No. There is a lot more that will happen. Buy tickets to find out!

Do I need to be a gamer to play?

Absolutely not. While there can definitely be strategy, there will be many types of puzzles and mini-games that require a variety of skills.

What is the premise?

Due to recent apocalyptic predictions of the loss of electricity and our modern way of life, the Grand Archivist has undertaken a national effort to collect, store, and preserve the information that would be most valuable to humanity should the world descend into chaos and anarchy. She has set up many information gathering missions like this one, and is planning on expanding these research endeavors for as long as possible. She is looking for reliable members to join her team as she travels the country in an attempt to save both knowledge and our way of life.

Do I need to find a team of six in order to play?

No. When you register, you will select a team to join. If you register with a partner, or a group, be sure to choose the same team if you want to play together.

Did you order the game from somewhere?

No. The RidgeCon Team who created the Escape Room at the Ridgefield Library wrote, developed, and designed all aspects of the game.

Why does this cost $50?

Blackout is a RidgeCon fundraiser and $25 of your ticket cost is tax deductible.

Can my 18 year old attend?

Our apologies, but no. This is a strictly 21+ event designed to give adults an exciting, gaming experience, and night out.

Wait, does that mean there will be wine?

Yes. Yes, there will be. There will be beer, wine, and one themed cocktail. Hors d’oeuvres and dessert is catered by KaFo.


Are you going to do this again?

Do you want us to?



2018 RidgeConSponsor:
Friends of the Ridgefield Library

2018 RidgeCon After Dark Sponsor:
Ridgefield Academy

Raffle Prize Donors:

Gamer's Gambit
Hungarian Wand Shop

Program Partners:
Gamer's Gambit
Harley Nox Cosplay
Ridgefield Kemp
WHIP Salon
Candlewood Fencing