November 1 & 2: Fourth and Fifth grade muggles are invited to learn magic for one of two nights at the Ridgefield Library!  Register for Friday, November 1 OR Saturday, November 2.

Muggles will arrive for sorting and check-in between 6:15 pm and 7:00 pm and then participate in an immersive evening of magical activities, performances, snacks, and crafts. Muggles should be promptly picked up at 11:00 pm. Spots are limited to 40 muggles per evening. Both nights welcome fourth and fifth graders. An email will be sent with additional required information to all confirmed registrants including allergy information and emergency contact info. This event is $125 per student and is a fundraiser to raise money for the Library’s yearly operating budget. Payment must be completed at time of registration via the online portal; registration without payment does NOT reserve a spot. Once you register through the Library calendar, you will receive an email with a URL to follow in order to complete payment information.


Some FAQs regarding the event:

  • Is this an official Harry Potter event?: No. This event is meant to celebrate the Harry Potter Series written by J.K. Rowling and Warner Bros. Entertainment. Warner Bros. Entertainment and J.K. Rowling are not associated with or responsible for this event.
  • How many children can attend?: Each night can accommodate up to 40 children, and all registrations are first come, first served.
  • Why is there a cost?: This is a fundraiser for the Library’s operating budget so there are not any discounts off the cost of $125 per student.
  • Is the cost tax deductible?: Yes, part of the cost is a donation and is tax deductible. A letter will be sent to all parents after the event is over.
  • Will food be provided?: All children should eat dinner before the event, though there will be snacks.
  • What foods are being served?: The children will be making their own snacks. There will be different options but you must let us know on the allergy and emergency information form if your child can’t eat certain items.
  • What if my child needs to bring an epi-pen or specific snack?: Caregivers may send in an epi-pen in a plastic Ziploc bag with the child’s name on it. More information will be specifically provided closer to the event.
  • Can attendees wear their Hogwarts attire?: Attendees should come dressed in Muggle clothing. Please leave personal wands, robes, brooms, etc. at home.
  • Can my child bring their cell phone or device with them?: No, please leave all electronic devices, toys, etc. at home. The LIbrary will not be responsible for keeping track of personal possessions.
  • What if I need to get in touch with my child during the event?: All parents will be provided with the after hours number to the Library closer to the event so that you may contact us in case of an emergency.
  • What happens if my child is sick that night and can’t make it?:  Contact us as early as possible so we can try and fill their space with someone on the waiting list. If we can fill the spot then we can refund your money.
  • Can my child be with their friends during the evening?: The children are sorted randomly at the beginning of the evening and will interact with the other groups during the course of the night.
  • What are the activities for the night?: Anything that happens at Hogwarts may happen at this event: classes, games, crafts… It’s meant to be a surprise for the Muggle attendees.
  • Is this a sleep over?: No, this is a special after-hours fundraiser.
  • So, this is the new “Camp Snooze?”: In a sense, yes, but there is not any sleeping over, and it is a much more thematic and theatrical event.
  • What time must I pick up my child?: Promptly at 11:00 pm.


Register for Friday, November 1 OR Saturday, November 2.


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Magic for Muggles is made possible through the generous support of the Friends of the Ridgefield Library and Fairfield County Bank Insurance Services.









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