February 27:  Mark your calendar and save the date for Fairfield County’s Community Foundation Giving Day.  Please support everything you LOVE at the Ridgefield Library!
Each year the Ridgefield Library needs private donations totaling 30 cents of every dollar spent. We need your help to ensure that we continue to offer a wide range of collections, superior programs, state-of-the-art technology, and a stellar staff in a well-maintained building. We have come to depend on Fairfield County’s Community Foundation Giving Day as an important tool in helping us reach our financial goals each year. This year our Giving Day goal is $10,000.
You can support your Ridgefield Library by joining in Giving Day, a 24-hour online event, and donating to the Ridgefield Library beginning at 12:00 AM on Thursday, February 27.
You can check out our page NOW at: https://fcgives.org/ (but February 27 is the only day you can donate).  Thank you for your support!