April 29th @ 7PM:  Join Edward Hynes for this fascinating online presentation that begins on April 25, 1777, when the British land at Compo Beach, march through Redding to Danbury, and return to the shore through Ridgefield and Wilton. Learn about the roles key historical figures played in the raid and battle including Brigadier General Benedict Arnold, Major General David Wooster, and Brigadier General Gold Selleck Silliman.

Get all of the specifics about the main encounters that took place in Danbury and Ridgefield:  The British destroyed Washington’s main supply depot in Danbury and marched on to Ridgefield where they encountered Wooster and Arnold.  Although driven back in a running battle down Ridgefield’s main street, the Patriots were able to inflict casualties on the British and delay their progress. While the British walked north, they had to fight their way back to Compo Beach. Their expedition may have been a tactical success, but their actions galvanized Patriot support in Connecticut.

Edward Hynes, CFA, is a native of Wilton, CT.  He and his wife have traveled extensively to various battlefields around the country and overseas.  Ed has developed a standalone lecture and an in-depth tour of the Revolution’s Danbury Raid.  In addition to his interest in history, Ed works as a Merrill Lynch Financial Advisor in Westport, Connecticut.  

This program is co-sponsored by the Library and the Ridgefield Historical Society. Please register through the Ridgefield Historical Society to receive the Zoom link.