June 11th @ 12PM:  In this online webinar a panel of experts will be available to listen to parent concerns and answer questions such as “Is this Normal? Is My Kid OK?”  Featuring Project Resilience experts John Gelinas, MD, Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist; Carol Mahlstedt, MSW, Psy.D.; Melanie Pearl, Ph.D.; Patrizia Klein, Psy.D.; Elizabeth Jorgensen, CADC; Yvonne Lerner. LPC, RHS Teen Talk Counselor; Susan Lasky, MD; and Denise Qualey, MSW.

Now that life is returning to some semblance of normalcy, many parents have questions about their children’s well-being. They are noticing new behaviors and wondering if it is something to worry about or if, given what our children have been through, should they be concerned. This panel of local experts is here to offer guidance and clinical understanding about concerns of any nature—depression, anxiety, impulse control, social withdrawal, eating issues, peer relationships, substance use, and more. There will be no formal talk–just time or questions and discussion. All questions and identities will be kept confidential during the Zoom presentation. Questions can be emailed ahead of time to: [email protected]

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