August 5th @ 7:00PM:  Did you ever wonder why so many roads are called Sawmill or Millpond in Connecticut?  Join us for this fascinating online lecture by historian John Cilio and learn about interesting Connecticut and Ridgefield history.  The presentation will highlight many of the water-powered mills that helped create the great state of Connecticut.

Water-powered mills were built across Connecticut as early as 1650. In the early days, every small CT village had to depend upon itself for almost every necessity and water-powered mills were the answer. Communities often started around a sawmill or a gristmill. More factories whose machines were powered by water or other mills making hats, buttons, clocks, cider, plaster or iron works would follow. Connecticut water powered mills and factories expanded to serve a world market in the mid-1800s. Access to appropriate river sites wasn’t taken lightly and was one of the reasons Mark Twain said, “Whiskey is for drinking; water is for fighting over.”

John Cilio is a skilled historian and is considered a storyteller with a historical perspective. He has published seven historical books ranging from women working in WWII and their impact on today’s business world to vintage helicopters. He is published in several national and local newspapers/magazines with over 200 articles covering a wide range of topics.

Nickolai Sikorsky wrote the Foreword to his Helicopter Evolution book and Prince William was kind enough to write a letter about his copy of the book. He is an honorary member of the Danbury, Connecticut WWII Lost Squadron Veterans organization.

John volunteers at the Deer Pond Farm Connecticut Audubon Society in different roles and has consulted as a SCORE, Small Business Administration mentor helping small business develop. John hails from IBM corporate marketing and is an American Marketing Association Silver Effie winner. He has spoken to large and small audiences in over 60 countries around the world. He lives in Sherman, Connecticut.

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