October 17th @ 2:00 PM:  This ARTalk with Dr. Daria Rose Foner from the Morgan Library and Museum will kick off the Library’s 2021-22 ARTalks series and will focus on Belle da Costa Greene (1879-1950), one of the greatest librarian-scholars of the twentieth century. Initially hired as J. Pierpont Morgan’s private librarian, Greene became the Morgan Library’s inaugural director when it opened as a public research institution in 1924. This talk introduces Greene and traces her life story from its origins in an upper middle-class African-American community in Washington D.C. to her ascension to the pinnacle of her profession and explores how the racial barriers of Jim Crow America led Greene, her mother, and her siblings to “pass” as white. Learn more and register here.

The Library’s ARTalk series is dedicated to exploring the creative process through lectures, films, and workshops that focus on art, architecture, and design. ARTalks are co-sponsored by the Ridgefield Library, Ridgefield Guild of Artists and, in part, The Aldrich Museum of Contemporary Art.