Happy New Year! The year ahead brings forward so many new possibilities, and we are excited to see these through with our community. During 2022, continue to be curious, question everything, and seek to discover what you don’t know at your community library.

With a new year ahead of us, setting clear goals and intentions is important. These resolutions or intentions don’t have to be difficult. We want to remind you of a simple way you can get peace of mind while ensuring your loved ones are protected: creating your free estate plan.

This might sound surprising, but having an estate plan in place can help you:

  • Ensure your family, friends, and pets can always count on you
  • Exercise agency over the important decisions in your life, including identifying beneficiaries for your assets

FreeWill’s online estate planning tool linked below, has helped more than 400,000 individuals create their plans. This resource is easy to use, accessible to all of our community, and 100% free. Take 20 minutes out of your day to create your plans and ensure your future is cared for.

If you are one of our generous supporters who has included a gift to the Ridgefield Library in your estate plans, please fill out this quick form so we can thank you and update our records!  

We are endlessly thankful for our community and the support we receive from you. We hope this New Year brings you success and happiness and thank you for continuing to be a part of the Ridgefield Library.

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