Escape Room Fundraiser

An Escape Room is a popular immersive puzzle game where a group of participants are “locked” in a room and must solve a series of clues and puzzles in order to find the answer, key, or solution to “escape” and win. Games have a time limit, which is usually an hour, and rely on participants’ ability to work together, share clues, and think laterally.  

Contact: Laureen Bubniak 203-438-2282 x11029 | [email protected]

Ridgefield Library’s Fourth Annual
Escape Room Fundraiser

Game Night Begins January 15, 2021

January means the post-holiday stress has settled, and you can finally open and enjoy the board game that your neighbor gave you. It is a strange game that you haven’t heard of before, but you are eager to try it with family and friends for a low-key Game Night.

Upon opening the game, you discover a bonus reward code! Neat! Expecting a video or maybe a freebie, you log onto the computer and enter the code, but…this bonus content was not what you were expecting.

Sessions for Ridgefield Library’s Annual Escape Room Fundraiser are available to purchase for $50 a session for 4-5 players/Zoom log-ins. Recommended for adults, teens and families with children ages 10 and up, this unique interactive puzzle game requires a computer with internet access and Zoom capabilities. Escape Room ticket sale donations help fund the Library’s Operating Budget.

Once you purchase tickets, you will be contacted to schedule your one hour, online game session with one of our Escape Room monitors and a time to pick-up a physical box of take-home materials that you will need to solve the clues and puzzles. Players are encouraged to pick up materials at the Library but can opt to have their Game Night Box mailed for the cost of shipping.

Escape Room donations help fund the Library’s Operating Budget.

The 2021 Escape Room was created by the Ridgefield Library. All aspects of the room-clues, puzzles, props, decorations-are created in-house by Librarians. The creators of this year’s room are John Casiello, Jenna Dubin, Shay Glass, Megan Klein, Kristina Lareau, and Kathy Pickle.