Escape Room Fundraiser

An Escape Room is a popular immersive puzzle game where a group of participants are “locked” in a room and must solve a series of clues and puzzles in order to find the answer, key, or solution to “escape” and win. Games have a time limit, which is usually an hour, and rely on participants’ ability to work together, share clues, and think laterally.  

Contact: Laureen Bubniak 203-438-2282 x11029 | [email protected]


This 2020 Escape Room Adventure at the Ridgefield Library is fully virtual!

Perhaps you were a little too loud in the “Quiet Area”. Could be that you returned your DVDs late one too many times. Or maybe, just maybe, the library staff finally figured out it was you who kept dog-earing the pages in the library books! Either way when you walked into the Ridgefield Library and asked for a study room, little did you know that the only thing you’d be studying are the ways out. Locked in the Donofrio Technology Center, you must figure out all the clues and puzzles to escape or you’ll be checked out. . . for good.

Escape Room donations help fund the Library’s Operating Budget.

This virtual Escape Room was created by the Ridgefield Library. All aspects of the room-clues, puzzles, props, decorations-are created in-house by Librarians. The creators of this year’s room are John Casiello, Shay Glass, Kathy Pickle, and some marketing assistance from Kristina Lareau.