Morris Legacy Society

Contact: Laureen Bubniak, Director of Development, 203-438-2282 x104 or email

The Ridgefield Library was built as the result of a generous grant of land in 1901 by James Morris, who donated the parcel of land in memory of his wife, Elizabeth. With that land, Morris built the town’s first permanent library building—a building that still serves as an important structural and historical element of our library. Morris’s extraordinary gift exemplifies the long-term impact special and creative giving can have on an institution.

Established in 2008, the prestigious Morris Legacy Society recognizes all dedicated Library supporters who, by way of their long-term financial planning, recognize the evolving role of the Ridgefield Library in our community and the importance of helping the library meet the future needs of the community.

Ridgefield Library has partnered with FreeWill, an online tool that guides you through the process of creating a legally valid will in under 20 minutes 一 completely free of charge. You can use this tool to support the Library and become a part of the Morris Legacy Society today. Get started on your free plans today.

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