Starting a Small Business with Mark Riser

Tuesday, May 28th @ 7:00pm:  Mark Riser of the Ridgefield Economic and Community Development Commission will give a talk explaining the process for starting your own small business.

The Economic and Community Development Commission welcomes you to Ridgefield. We appreciate and recognize that you have many options on where and how to open a business today, and even more options with the advent of remote work. The ECDC welcomes you to town and will work with you to make opening, maintaining, and growing your business as easy as possible from a town and regulatory perspective.

Mark has been a general partner in private equity funds, a private investor in middle market businesses and a principal in family office investments since 1999.  He has been a board member of a dozen companies, has invested in over 20 private companies in his career and is a frequent panelist at industry events.

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